Friday, August 5, 2011

Baby Baby Baby

Whelp I'm a baby lover. For a long time, I have had a monster case of Bieber Fever, but reality hit me after my husband took me to "Never Say Never". I always thought I was the girl Justin was singing to... really it just made me nauseous to see all the other girls who felt the same way... Although I'm married and will never have Justin, I have a real-live husband who is a better kisser than singer and who makes me the happiest girl in the world. Honestly, what more could I ask for? Since my realization, I have come down with a bad case of the baby fever... Patrick and I will be the proud parents of a baby girl this upcoming holiday season. I didn't think it would be so easy to get a baby! All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust. We're working really hard on our parenting skills and making really good choices so that we can be the best parents ever... Both of us are really excited for our little baby to come and we’re hoping the next twenty weeks go by just as fast as the first!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

the honeymoon

So a week after Patrick and I wed, we packed our bags and headed for Sun Valley for a few days.
It was not at all like the fairy tale honeymoon i had once envisioned... but are they ever that way? We spent our few days there shivering in the well below zero temperatures. Since Patrick has bad knees we weren't able to go skiing, and since shopping was not on Patrick's list of priorities... we were left with not much to do. Fortunately we bought a season of The Office. We spent every day in front of a cozy fireplace in our little condo...watching The Office. At night we would head down to the Lodge and swim in the heated pool. We enjoyed the beautiful snow and took pleasure in some overpriced food. One night we walked into a restaurant... the menu was not only WAY overpriced, but nothing even looked good. We ordered an appetizer and left. We then went around to about seven different restaurants and had the same experience. After driving around for an hour and a half we wore ourselves out and finally went home. All I wanted was a nice burger and fries... If Patrick and I ever get married again we are not going to Sun Valley. Although we could have laid at home in our house all day watching The Office, we did make some fun memories and will always remember the honeymoon from hell...
P.S... Patrick wanted me to let you all know it was about the worst honeymoon in history. Thanks Pat.

oh how time does fly...

A lot has happened over the past few months. Patrick and I were married. No big deal... We just recently moved from Middleton to an apartment in Meridian, and are enjoying being much closer to family and friends. The first few months of our marriage were enjoyable, but we have had quite the ride. One day while I was playing housewife on my day off of work, I locked myself out of the house. I had just managed to start boiling some water to make ramen noodles... (I just love our choice of food)...before I went outside to take out the trash. As I went to open the door, I was overjoyed to find that the knob would not turn. Luckily I had just managed to throw some clothes on before I took out the trash... But I was still braless, makeupless, phoneless and shoeless. Fortunately, we lived out in the country with nowhere to run for help. Even if I had made it across to the neighbor's house to use their phone, I wouldn't get help soon enough before my house burned down. I began to use my imagination and imagined i was in a movie. I stumbled across the dirt looking for a possible entrance into my house. Time was ticking and all I could think about was the pot on the stove. After no luck, I grabbed the biggest rock I could find. I didn't want to think about the pros and cons of the decision I was about to make because I knew it was stupid, but I had no other choice. I threw the rock as hard as I could and was amazed to find how easily it broke through the glass. I felt like a hero. My heart started pounding as I soon found that I couldn't even reach the window that I had broken, and better yet there was still glass obstructing any possible entrance. So I just began throwing more rocks. The damage was already done. Soon the neighbor boy spotted me in distress and came over to see if there was anything that he could do to help. Together we threw rocks and began to pull glass out of the frame. I was able to then reach my hand through the window and grab a blanket to cover up the rest of the glass so I could safely get in. My neighbor boosted me up and I crashed to a floor covered in glass. I ran to the kitchen to the pot just as the last drop of water had evaporated. My decision was probably rash, but I honestly felt so great in that moment. Like a real action hardcore. Fortunately, Patrick was handy enough to board up our window until we were able to get a replacement.

Friday, December 10, 2010

our love story

A dear friend of mine wanted me to tell "our story"...
so here it is. all the gushy details. just a boy and a girl... falling in love. one day at a time...

It was a Sunday afternoon in the month of May. I had just arrived at church and tried to find a spot by someone I knew. I looked around for a minute and my eyes caught a glimpse of Dani. She is the pretty girl at church... the kind of girl you don't want to sit by. The kind of girl who couldn't be any nicer, but will destroy the entire outfit, hair, and makeup routine you have been struggling to make look somewhat decent all morning. I had no other choice but to sit by her. We greeted each other with a smile and within a few seconds she had sparked conversation. She asked if I was single... of course a girl like her would ask someone like me if I was single... I was. I was very single. I don't think you can get more single than I was. Every other thought of mine was about a boyfriend. I ate, slept, breathed future boyfriend. I wanted a little sugar daddy more than anything. Someone to pick up the tab on my shopping trips, someone to kiss, someone to call me baby... a boyfriend.
Very quickly I explained my situation to her and let her know that if she ever had any friends- I would be more than willing to check out her prospects. She then leaned over and told me to look at the boy sitting in the row behind us. I discretely looked back, pretending like I was looking around at the light fixture. I immediately got very hot and sweaty, and couldn't fight the smile that had landed on my face. Mr. and Abercrombie and Fitch was sitting in the very row behind me. I had always assumed he wasn't Mormon because never wears his shirt in the store, but you never can tell. I tried to act as mature as possible. Dani told me this hottie was a very funny boy and a really sweet kid. She let me know that she could definitely hook us up on a date. Needless to say... I don't remember the talks in church that were given that day.
After sacrament meeting hot boy approached me. I was dripping in sweat by now and could hardly talk. I was making a fool of myself. This boy had a killer smile and his sense of humor was already coming through. He was totally dreamy. After asking him the same question about three times and not knowing what else to say I headed to Sunday school.
After class got out he approached me again and asked for my number. I just about fell over, but acted pretty cool and tried not to act too interested. He told me that I should go to his friends bbq that night and asked if I was going to the fireside that night. He assured me that he would save me a seat at the fireside if I went. All of these encounters were so overwhelming... In the back of my mind I was guessing total player status from this boy. I decided to just go along with it and see where it would go. I could always play him back if need be.
I got home and announced to my whole family that I had met my new boyfriend... There was one problem.. His name was Patrick. Seriously, who has a name like Patrick? I didn't actually ever think I would meet a Patrick... but I had... and I was going to make him my boyfriend. I figured people would get over the fact that his name was Patrick after looking at him. Total eye candy. Fortunately, he was more than just a pretty face.
I arrived at the fireside looking fine. I spotted lover boy and took a seat next too him trying to hide the fact that I had completely changed my outfit and done my hair differently. I don't remember the talks from that night either... but, Patrick did sing the hymns that night, and I was impressed.
After the fireside, we went to his friends house for a birthday party. He opened my door as we got in the car. My mother would have been impressed. This boy was just getting better and better. At the end of the night my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. When I got home he pulled the typical end of date move and said that we should hang out again. Luckily we did. We hung out the next night, and the next. And have every night since.
On Tuesday night we went over to his friends house to play some games. After we were done, we went outside and he stopped me before I got into the car. He got this funny look on his face and started talking about shoes. He gave me this long explanation about how he gets so overwhelmed when he goes shoe shopping because there are so many good looking shoes. Then he told me about how he loves when he finds a perfect pair of shoes that actually fit. The are very comfortable and look great and he wants to wear them all the time. He told me I was like his favorite pair of shoes. Total creeper status. This boy did not even know me. Next thing I knew he was just staring at me for a minute. Then he gave me that look. You know, THE LOOK. I got weak in the knees and my heart stopped. He went in for the kiss. It was the best two seconds I had ever experienced in my life. It was perfect. I forgot he was creepy. By Thursday we were official.
It hasn't always been rainbows and butterflies, but everything that has happened has gotten us to where we are today. Sorry ladies, but I can honestly say without a doubt that I am the luckiest girl in the world. I couldn't be any happier and am so excited to begin this new journey. For some reason forever doesn't seem long enough. I get butterflies every time I see this boy. He always tell me how much he loves me and is very patient with me. I love every minute I spend with him. I love the way he treats people and the way he treats me. Most importantly, I love his testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. He never fails to make me smile. I can't wait to be his baby's mama.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Baby is an A++ Lover

I love laying in bed all day thinking about Patrick. It was easy to come up with one hundred reasons why I love him. I could have come up with more... but i really just had to set a limit...or i would be here for the rest of--well forever.
One hundred reasons why I love Patrick Denning--Everyday just gets better and better.
Patrick Denning...
1. watches the hills with me without even complaining
2. always finds a way to make me smile...even when i'm grumpin
3. tells really great stories
4. best boy dancer i know
5. he sings the songs at church
6. has got a kickin body
7. gives me butterflies every time i look at him
8. good little chef
9. great kisser
10. looks so cute in the mornin with his swollen shut eyes
11. he can out eat me... most of the time
12. i don't even mind when he doesn't brush his teeth
13. he doesn't even mind when i don't brush my teeth.
14. he wants me to be his baby's mama
15. he opens my door for me even if its just to drop of a red box
16. he has nice senior pictures. he practically never had an ugly stage
17. we both have a thing for hot basketball players
18. he never talks bad about anyone
19. he is great at setting goals
20. he is very studious and lets me do his homework
21. he tells me i'm pretty even when i'm looking hideous
22. he is going to be a millionaire. his mother tells me so
23. most of my friends ask me if he is a model...
24. if we ever have something to work out he is very good about talking to me about it... or just kissing me till i'm not mad anymore.
25. he paints my nails for me
26. he buckles me up every time we get in the car...precious cargo
27. he lays in the sun --slathered in sunscreen and talks with me while i tan
28. he loves shoes. almost has as many as me
29. he does pretty mostly alright in school
30. he straightens my hair for me
31. he picks me up for church every week
32. he is pretty good with children
33. he cleans his house in his spare time
34. he is almost as patient as my mother
35. he is the first person i call when something great happens
36. he is my best friend
37. he is very loyal
38. he always tells me the truth
39. he is very athletic and loves to work out... but would rather kiss me
40. he eats his spinach.
41. my children will look great with his genes
42. he can grow facial hair. what a man.
43. he always makes up songs and raps and sings them to me. every voicemail i get ends up being some kind of ridiculous rap.
44. he has a very hot looking truck
45. he has flawless baby soft skin
46. he is wise with his money... and takes me on shopping trips
47. he is a great artist and does a really nice job of writing in bubble letters
48. he is a return missionary
49. i never get tired of kissing him
50. he is very respectful
51. his lips are to die for... he has plump lil black boy lips.
52. he puts up with me
53. i always know things he will never refuse: brownies, gum, bbq chicken, watching espn, and kissing
54. he doesn't do steroids
55. he can cut his own hair with it turning out mostly good...
56. i never get sick of staring at him...
57. he makes me look good no matter what.... bangarangin eye/arm candy
58. his babies will probably have red hair and no eyelashes or eyebrows
59. he has so many freckles. i could never count them all.
60. his name is patrick. i hadn't met a patrick till i met him
61. we both love justin bieber
62. he lets me have a crush on justin bieber
63. he takes me to the gym to work out with him
64. he kisses me in front of his friends
65. i love his family!
66. he always smells divine. he makes axe smell like aqua di gio
67. he stays very hydrated
68. his car always smells like a different kind of food every
time i get in it
69. he looks fabulous in sweats and undid hair
70. he doesn't use bad words
71. he cooks for me
72. he is older... so knowledgable and so experienced
73. he brushes my hair for me
74. i can be myself around him. and he still likes me
75. i can be serious sometimes with him
76. he is a friend to everyone and is very outgoing
77. he reads his scriptures
78. he is a very good nu skin salesman
79. he lets me sleep even when we're hanging out
80. he eats like a boy should. he never refuses anything i make him
81. he is such a hard worker
82. he has a curfew and sticks to it every night
83. he kisses me on the forehead
84. he is one of the funniest people i know
85. he uses fabric softener
86. he packs his own lunches
87. one time we went out of town and he stayed at my house and watched College Road Trip
88. he honors his priesthood
89. he fills my car up with gas when its too cold outside
90. he tries to kiss me in the aisles at the grocery store
91. he is kind to animals
92. he loves football
93. he is a great basketball player... total balla
94. he has great dental hygiene
95. he does our dishes after sunday dinner
96. my grandmas love him
97. his outfits usually match
98. he lets me hang out with him and his friends
99. he always takes good care of me
100. he chose me. i get to wake up to that cute little boy everyday for the rest of forever!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Love at first sight...for him.

I'm in love! For some women, that perfect pair of heels is love at first sight. Some experience irregular and chaotic heartbeats and sweaty palms when they see covetable shoes, and some are even willing to pay any price for them. I have the most amazing friend in the world... he is my perfect pair of shoes. The kind of perfect pair that go with every outfit. The kind that get you compliments everywhere you go. The kind that make you look good no matter what the rest of you looks like. The kind of shoes that make you feel like you can do anything. I spotted my perfect pair of shoes from afar. Right as I set sight on those shoes my heart skipped a beat. My palms got sweaty, and my knees were weak. I was willing to pay any price! The shoes were a perfect fit. Comfortable in every way possible. The kind of shoes that make people jealous. The kind of shoes that make you smile just looking at them... The perfect pair of shoes. I never could have asked for a more perfect friend. But it gets even better... i'm marrying him. You could call me the luckiest... but that would definitely be an understatement. Looking forward to toting around the perfect pair of shoes for an eternity!!